Worst Practices: Verizon iPhone Sign-Up Page

From a user’s perspective, there are a lot of things wrong with this page: the headline isn’t clear; the sign-up button is far too small; there is no alternate contact information and the field alignment is screwy on some browsers.

The biggest problem?  That’s easy.  The radio buttons.  They are prefilled with colors (green and black) and it’s not easy to tell what’s what.  Did I click it?…  Did I not click it?…  Is that my answer?…  Is that the answer I’m supposed to give?…  Those are just some of the thoughts that will go through a typical user’s head when they ask themselves “Have I seen it? Have I never seen it?

Will folks who really want to have the first Verizon iPhones power through this form no matter what?  Absolutely.  Is this a good way to set up YOUR forms?  Absolutely NOT.  Remember, just because a company is BIG doesn’t mean that they know what they are doing.  (Hello Nordstrom and Mercedes.)

Interested in learning more about optimizing your web site forms?  Click here now for an excellent post on Six Revisions by Raphael Caixeta.


  1. says

    If “Can you hear me now” worked so well for Verizon as a marketing tag line, perhaps with a little
    redesign, this form can become a “Can you click me now?” kinda form.

    • says

      In the words of the inimitable Jason Falls… Heh.

      P.S. Sadly, this is not the only Verizon form that sucks.

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    My 17 year old son tried and tried to fill out this form. Not only is it a mess, but nothing we tried would be accepted. Who’s email address and phone number? Dad’s, Mom’s or son’s? We tried both. Nothing worked.

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