Worst Practices: The Groupon Oops! Page

Seriously Groupon.  I love you but really?   Didn’t you kids watch Sesame Street growing up?  How much would it trouble you to alphabetize this listing? 

When someone doesn’t find something on your site, it’s YOUR fault, whether or not they are an idiot.

Pages, like the one above, tell your user that you can’t be bothered to help them.  It’s as plain and simple as that. 

Remember, whether you have an e-commerce site or a blog, navigation is over half your success online.

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    Hey Amy,

    Thanks for the post. I work for Groupon and have shared your comments internally. Know that you have our attention and that we are working on it.



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      Hi Andrew -

      Sorry it took so long to approve this. WP identified your comments as SPAM (which I rarely check) and didn’t see them till you tweeted.

      I’ve got to say, I am VERY IMPRESSED with your team. A legacy company would have taken 2 or more weeks (no exaggeration) to fix what you guys did in 24 hours! VERY cool.

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    You crack me up! And you are SO right. A recent study tells us that delighting the customer is not nearly as important as MAKING it EASY for them.

    I’d suggest we do a Worst Practices page but recently I got slammed for employer bashing. One of my subscribers suggested that she resented how I always (really? ALWAYS? I don’t think so) insinuate that companies don’t appreciate their employees enough.

    I don’t intend to boss-bash but when there is evidence all around, I can’t help but notice that people just aren’t thinking about the consequences of their actions. So maybe there should be a series of questions people ask – like “How will this decision impact the customer/employee?”
    “Are we making it easy to do business with us?
    “Are we giving people a reason to say positive things about us?”

    You know – some slow-down-and-think-about-it questions that save us grief down the line.

    Like really who wants Amy Africa) or JoAnna Brandi for that matter) saying something negative about them?

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      JoAnna, well, as you know, I pretty much built my career on my Web Sites That Suck presentation. Whether or not people will create MORE voodoo dolls of me (which, amusingly enough, are already in existence), I am bringing back part of it in a new Best/Worst Practices here on the QLOG. (I tweeted about it yesterday.) I think it’s important to show people what works and what doesn’t. The people who get it — like the folks at Groupon who fixed that page in less than 24 hours — will be happy and the rest will continue to stab me.

      As for the lady who said that you are ALWAYS insinuating that companies don’t appreciate their employees enough — please send me her address so I can send her a list of the nearest rehab centers. She’s obviously a crack-smoker and/or just don’t know you at all — in my not-so-humble opinion — you are ALWAYS giving companies TOO MUCH leeway.

      Thanks for commenting. There’s always a section here for you when you’re ready.

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